Beautiful Things

September 2, 2009

Soft music streaming from my iTunes

Goldfish in a lighted aquarium

Scarf wrapped around a girls neck

Sweet perfume stroking my nostrils

Photograph of a couple stealing a kiss

Raindrops pelting my window in the early morning

Driving down the highway listening to Andrea Bocelli

A hug shared amongst old friends

Walking in a park at night, nothing but crickets

Bobbing up and down in a pool in the summer

Hair brushed away from a woman’s forehead

The drooling smile and giggle of a baby

Tender moments between lovers on film

Musical scores that make unforgettable movies

The smell of coffee in the morning

The quiet atmosphere in a bookstore

Long sleeve sweaters used to hold hot mugs

And the intense concentrated look on my girlfriends face

All beautiful things that make me smile


Slowly Trickling

August 1, 2009

Late night hour when everyone is asleep

My mind drifts to thoughts so deep

Thoughts about our future together

Being unable to wait till we share shelter

But time seems bent on slowly trickling by

As I’m trying to make this PhD degree fly

Yet, there is a good reason for this slow phase

We know each other, but things need to be in place

You working on getting your license to educate

While I’m building a background for siblings to emulate

We’re improving apart and climbing individual ladders

So that when we do become one, we’ll be true leaders

With a wealth of work from the left and right

Me with science and arithmetic and you with art

My dear, don’t fret, worry or think of 1000 reasons

Everything has its time, place and season

Our seed will be an oak tree soon enough

As time will serve it’s purpose as manure

And when the moment is right, you’ll know

Because on one knee I’ll bow